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241 Proven Niche Markets Review – Legit or Scam?

Product Description

Proven Niche Markets is an e-book by Kevin Wilke and Matt Gill, which will expose a niche market which is perfect for you and your business. The book will also train you on how to build your online business and make a very comfortable full-time income from it. The book removes all doubts and hesitations regarding the niche you have chosen as each of these niches have been tested carefully and are guaranteed to bring you success. There are 241 profitable niche markets to choose from, and they have been divided into 11 major categories and then into 3 to 5 subcategories, so that you can zero-in on your areas of interest quickly and find the one which is most suitable for you.

Detailed Overview

Kevin Wilke and Matt Gill in their comprehensive e-book, Proven Niche Markets, have given a clear picture of many possible niches that are online which can generate a stable income and solid online business. Each niche is thoroughly defined so that you can quickly make out whether it is suitable for you or not. Also it teaches you a three step formula, using which it will be easy for you to pick the best niche from the list of 241. The book also lists the products in the particular niche that are already being sold in the market, so that you can save time in researching them. On top of all this, the book also tells you the list of keyword that are being used in search engines, related to your niche products. It also gives you alternative keywords, so that you can save time and money in your SEO marketing strategies. Kevin Wilke and Matt Gill have also included a video, which trains you to start making money fast, with your new business idea.

They also guarantee that any idea that you pick from their list has the potential to generate an income for you in seven figures. The book tells you that by spending only 15 to 45 minutes a day, you can build a business from scratch, in any of the 241 niches, and start earning $450 in a month. This book gives you the opportunity of choosing a business that you are passionate about and which you love doing. The book also provides you with a lot of back-up ideas so that you do not have to worry about the future.


This book has solved many newbie marketers from the confusion about what niche they should start their business in. The formula given in the book has made it easy for many people to choose the right niche market. People are happy to finally do something, that they are passionate about and also earn a nice income from. This book is highly recommended if you are a newbie internet marketer or looking to get into niche marketing.

Domain “Whois”

The Whois information for a website lists the owner and their contact information. The owner of “241 Proven Niche Markets” has purposely made their Whois information private. While not always a bad thing, this could mean they have something to hide.

Justin Brown
About the Author:

Justin Brown is the owner of several websites.  He has been working for 18 months in the Internet Marketing field, and earning a full-time income while doing it.

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Rating: 4

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Hi I’m Chris Coatney,

My story? – I give professional reviews, recommendations and coaching based on my own personal experiences in online marketing. The recommendations I give are things I’ve tried and done well with myself.

I’ve had experience as an i

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Affiliate Marketing Marketing

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