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EMF..Electromagnetic Fields, Your Health, And Your Cellphone

The Danger is More Real than Ever

News outlets such as CNN, Larry King, MSN, and Time magazine have all produced stories about the harmful effects that cell phones may be causing. With 5G networks right around the corner, experts are even more concerned about future health effects and the disturbing trend it seems to be following. Luckily, there is now an easy solution to help protect you and your family.

How often do you use your cell phone?

Probably all of the time if you’re like most other people in today’s society. Our cell phones are our life, let’s face it, we can’t really get away from them too easily, we’re simply too wired now. But too much exposure to your cell phone, without the proper protection, can be harmful to your health. Cell phones can emit Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) that can be harmful to your health. So overexposure to your cell phone just means that more of this smog is surrounding your phone, and if your phone is always on you or near you, then you are being exposed as well. So where do you go to help neutralize these EMFs?

Are you protecting yourself?

Now, you’ve found the answer. Aegea is proud to introduce the EMF Shield, a patented product that helps to neutralize the harmful effects known as Electromagnetic Field radiation.


You’ve Joined the Growing Number of People Around the World Concerned with EMF!

Aegea EMF Shield

Just stick it on your phone!

  Blocks Dangerous Frequencies

  Protects Your Body

  Safe & Easy To Use

  No Interference With Operation Of Device



Using the MORA Bio-energetic device compatibility test, I have been able to determine the negative effects that all mobile phones have on human bio-electric systems.

Over the course of nearly twenty years I have tested a great number of substances and devices for their ability to neutralize harmful electro- magnetic radiation. Almost without exception those items have failed the test, offering no protection whatsoever in spite of the many claims made for their electro-magnetic neutralizing abilities To the contrary, many have indicated harmful effect to those people using them.

The AEGEA “EMF SHIELD” is a device that I have tested that has the ability to completely neutralize the electro-magnetic radiation effects of mobile phones and other EMF emitting devices on humans.

The “EMF SHIELD”, when attached to a mobile phone, renders that phone neutral or harmless to the individual using the phone. This is a surprising and astonishing finding.

In addition, using Bio-energetic diagnostics with the MORA device, I am able to determine a measure of biological health in an individual, this is called the “Biological Index”. In every case where I have tested an individual for Biological Index, that Index has been improved by introducing the AEGEA “EMF SHIELD” into the electro-magnetic circuit of the individual being tested. This finding indicates to me that the “EMF SHIELD” has a powerful ability to improve the measure of biological health of an individual if it is attached, connected to or carried on that individual’s body.

Without doubt the AEGEA “EMF SHIELD” is a unique and powerful device which has shown to remarkably protect against mobile phone and other radiation when attached to the phone, and to improve the health status of an individual when in contact with the body.

Geoffrey Bryant
Ph.D.(Honorary), N.D.


ENERGENTICS™ EMF SHIELD is a proven solution designed to create a safe and health environment that filters and neutralizes harmful radiation and electro smog that surrounds you 24×7.*

For immediate protection, attach the hologram to your TV, Laptop, Computer Screen, router, and other radiation polluting appliances. It covers a radius of approx.1-2 feet & starts working immediately to protect your physical and mental health.

Prolonged exposure to devices emitting these waves can lead to some serious health conditions such as:


  Chronic Fatigue


  Hypersensitivity and Erratic Blood Pressure


  Abnormal Behavior

  Patterns in Children

  High-Risk Pregnancy

  Teary Eyes

  Skin Irritations & more *

Protect yourself and your family NOW
with Aegea EMF Shields.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Special Limited-Time Offer

Get 6 Patented EMF Shields for only $99
A great, easy way to try our proven EMF shields. Get our EMF Start Pack which includes 6 EMF shields, a 60-day membership to Aegea and a 30-day membership to AegeaShare to start sharing and earning.

  6 EMF Shields

    1-Year 1 full year of protection

    FREE! 60-Day Aegea Membership

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Go To http://emfhealthwise.com for more inforamtion

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Fiverr Frequently Asked Questions Answered: With exerpt of the INSIDER book on the Fiverr Success Management program (Freelancing for Fun and Profit 1)

This guide is for Fiverr newbies or those who are unsure how to proceed next after some difficulties with Fiverr. As someone who cares about the community and wants sellers and buyers to succeed, I prepared this guide as a part of series for those seeking Fiverr success. This guide can help you get started or find where you lost your way on Fiverr.

I am a Fiverr buyer and seller who has been watching, participating in and helping the Fiverr Community since 2014. This guide is written from experience with information proven by real sellers who have also been active on the official Fiverr forum. There is a misconception among many new sellers that Fiverr can be an instant cash machine and perhaps that was true in it’s very early days. Today it’s not. What is true is that ANYONE can earn money on Fiverr, even serious money if the effort is there.

This series of books on Freelancing for Fun and Profit will help you get there if you need a boost. This starter guide will help you with some Frequently Asked Questions about Fiverr. Things like:

How to set up your Fiverr profile for the best results
How to avoid losing your new account by breaking the basic rules
How to budget your time and money to position yourself for success whether it’s a hobby, part-time work or full-time blast!

Would You Like To Know More?

Take action now and get this easy guide and get to know the basics. The next book in the series is coming out in Summer 2017, and this book even includes a FREE excerpt from that insider book on the Fiverr Success Management program!

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